Brynjar Ingimarsson

Software Developer


Experimenting with Grafana Cloud and OpenTelemetry for a PHP application

February 25, 2024

Having good monitoring infrastructure is important to ensure the reliability and performance of production systems. This post is about my experiments with gettings logs, metrics, and traces from a SlimPHP application to Grafana Cloud using an OpenTelemetry collector.


My 2023 website makeover using Astro and Contentful

February 14, 2023

I recently woke up with the urge to redesign my personal website. This time, I wanted a completely static website with a minimalist look, and I decided to use Astro for the job. In this post I'll go over the process and the features that I added.


Add meta-data to Slim routes using PHP 8 attributes

August 31, 2022

PHP 8.0 introduced attributes. They can be used to add meta-data to classes, methods and more. Here we look at how we can use attributes with Slim to add meta-data to routes.


Building a website with Next.js and Contentful

March 31, 2022

I decided to build my new website with Next.js using Contentul as a headless CMS. In this post I go over the process and the features that I have implemented.